follow site Photography for me started like it did for a lot of people, capturing moments of the kid running around the back yard, or opening presents on Christmas Day.  Eventually, I was shown the beauty of Architecture; it was there that I learned how to use my camera and how to utilize angles for a different perspective from how others perceive the same building.  But, as time went on and since I rarely traveled to be able to experience different landscapes, and cityscapes to refresh my motivation; I started feeling the lack of energy to go out and continue my photography.  That is when I was introduced in to fashion, which is ironic since I am the least fashionable person you will meet.  But, the aspect of fashion that I love capturing aside of having the raw emotion of a human subject, is that fashion is always evolving.  There will always be different styles, looks, fads to keep one on their toes."http:////"

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